Remodeled detached garage matching house colors Customization

5 Top Garage Remodeling Options

        Building New is Always an Option Upgrading, improving, and fixing up your garage is a great way to ensure you can rely on it for decades to come. However, in some select cases, a detached garage…

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Glass panel garage doors on attached house garage Customization

Glass Panel Garage Doors

A unique garage door is one of the most striking ways to enhance your outdoor aesthetic. Whether the garage is attached to your home or free-standing on your property, a style upgrade can improve the look of the entire garage….

Two car garage with bonus space Customization

5 Must-See Detached Garage Designs

No need to leave your car outside in all weather – and no more boxes of storage spilling out from an undersized storage shed. A new garage is the perfect answer for securely storing your vehicles, lawn equipment, boxes of…

Decorating with Barn Doors in dining room Customization

Barn Door Home Décor to Inspire Your Renovation

You’ve seen them on Pinterest, in magazines, and in practically all of Chip and Joanna’s designs – beautiful barn doors have become a staple in home design! Barn door home décor provides a unique style punch, versatile convenience, and that…


Garages with Lofts: Uses, Accessories, & Prices

You’ve been waiting for your own horse barn long enough – it’s time to make it happen! Your new garage can be way more than just a place to park your car. Garages with lofts provide homeowners the ultimate flexible…

Elegant horse barn with cupola and landscaping Customization

Crucial Horse Barn Upgrades to Consider

  Custom-Made Barn Options  At New Holland Supply, we offer a wide variety of horse barn options to our clients. In today’s blog, we are sharing our favorite horse barn upgrades: Adding or replacing stalls — This is a great…

cupola roof Customization

Horse Barn Accessories: What’s Trending?

You only get a horse barn once in your lifetime, it’s only right to splurge on the absolute best. Let’s be honest, no one wants to settle for “good enough” — especially when it comes to your dream horse barn! At New Holland Supply, we’re firm believers…

Beautiful horse barn custom made Customization

Horse Barn Styles that You’ll Love

You’ve been waiting for your own horse barn long enough – it’s time to make it happen! But before you can break ground, you need some ideas for the type of horse barn styles you like – and the type…


How Custom Doors Can Transform Your Home

Types of Custom Doors There is a wide variety of custom barn door styles to choose from. There are no right answers for choosing a specific style: it all depends on what works for you and your home! Our team…

prefab building for sale Customization

How to Customize Your Horse Barn

As a horse owner, you no doubt have put a lot of thought and effort into making sure your horse or horses are comfortable and healthy. After all, they’re just like any other member of the family. For those who…