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Modern Garage Designs in 2023

modern garage designs
Here at New Holland Supply Co., we know all about contemporary style garages. Our team supplies the BEST in building kits for value and quality. That’s why we’ve created this guide to walk you through our suggestions for modern garage designs and organization tips.

Upscale Garages For Storage & Style

luxury garage barn

Getting the upscale garage of your dreams should be easy, and with the help of New Holland Supply, it can be. We offer luxury garages kits to our clients that are filled with extravagant touches that are sure to make…

5 Top Garage Remodeling Options

remodeled detached garage matching house colors

Your tried-and-true garage has stored vehicles, equipment, and other essentials for years. However, sometimes even an extremely well-built garage needs some work to stay its best. Garage remodeling is a great way to protect the structure of your space, while…

Glass Panel Garage Doors

glass panel garage doors on attached house garage

A unique garage door is one of the most striking ways to enhance your outdoor aesthetic. Whether the garage is attached to your home or free-standing on your property, a style upgrade can improve the look of the entire garage.…

I have spoken with a dozen or more building suppliers and this is the most helpful information I have gotten from anyone. Thank you, I greatly appreciate you.


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