Ultimate Horse Stall Idea Guide & Other FAQs

An excellent horse stall is a cozy home for your herd—keeping your animals safe and warm with ample room to maneuver and helpful space for storage. The right horse stall ideas can help you to create the ultimate space for protecting and grooming your animals.

In today’s blog, the experts here at New Holland Supply are going to explore tried and true horse stall ideas and give you tips for how to build a horse stall that’s perfect for your property. We’ll also answer common questions like “What size should a horse stall be?” and get you ready to present ideas to a professional builder like New Holland Supply.

Keep reading to learn how to build a horse stall that’s the ideal match for your herd or contact us online now to request a quote for your custom horse stall ideas.

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How to Build a Horse Stall: Design and Customization

The right horse stall ideas can help you to design a customized space to care for your animals efficiently, safely, and comfortably. There are several key tips for how to build a horse stall with design and customization features in mind when you partner with a team like New Holland Supply.

Customizable features you can consider for your horse barn include:

  • Ventilation: Windows can provide natural light and airflow for the health of your horses. A window yoke with an exterior shutter or a Dutch door opening into your barnyard can provide your animals with consistent exposure to sunlight and fresh air while also stopping them from chewing on exterior siding.
  • Noise cancellation: Different types of design stalls use noise-reducing techniques to help you keep your horses at peace with minimal distractions, especially during mealtime. Expert builders can help you build a horse stall that will help keep your animals calm and comfortable.
  • Tack room: You can also add a tack room to your design to conveniently store your saddles, bridles, and other equestrian equipment.
  • Horse wash stall: One of our most popular horse stall ideas is a dedicated heavy-duty wash and grooming area. It can be a beautiful and practical space to care for your horse and a must-have add-on for your stable.

Ready to bring your horse stall ideas to life with New Holland Supply? Reach out to us online now to find out how we can help you to build a horse stall that fits your needs with customized services.

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Picking the Right Structure for You: What Size Should a Horse Stall Be?

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One common question we receive as builders is, “What size should a horse stall be?” The answer depends on your horse stall ideas—your accessories, features, and breed of horses all impact the size of your structure. The average horse stall is 12 feet by 12 feet in size, with enough space for your horse to turn around without bumping into a wall or door, although larger horses may require more space.

A prefab horse barn can range anywhere from 1 to 2-stall barns all the way to an extra large 50-stall barn featuring a riding arena. The main focus of how to build a horse stall is to create a space where you and your horses can conveniently maneuver to maximize productivity and maintain the health of your herd.

Want to explore your options for horse stall ideas or still have questions about what size should a stall be? Get connected with the New Holland Supply team online today to get started!

Bring Your Horse Stall Ideas to Life With New Holland Supply

New Holland Supply specializes in bringing your horse stall vision to life with custom manufacturing for horse barns, arenas, garages, and many types of post-frame structures. Since 2003, we’ve been providing customers with outstanding local services for customers like you throughout the North East and Mid-Atlantic.

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