Garages with Lofts: Uses, Accessories, & Prices

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Your new garage can be way more than just a place to park your car. Garages with lofts provide homeowners the ultimate flexible space or storage – at a great price.  If you’re on the fence about whether to build a single-story garage or add on a loft, read this blog!

At New Holland Supply, we supply top-of-the-line custom garage kits that look fantastic and last for decades. Learn more about what homeowners often do with garages with lofts – and the accessories you can add when customizing one. However, if you’d rather skip the reading and talk to an expert, reach out to our sales team to discuss your new garage and to get quotes!

4 Garage Loft Ideas

While the ground floor of a garage is primarily dedicated to keeping your vehicles out of the elements, there are tons of creative ways for you to take advantage of the loft space. These are some of the most popular garage loft ideas we’ve seen:

Home Office

A garage with a loft is the perfect place for a home office, where you can focus away from the noise and bustle of the family. Having a finished or partially finished loft space lets you setup everything you need to work from home comfortably for hours. In fact, some business owners prefer meeting clients in their loft home office rather than the home itself.  

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rustic garage with wood siding and metal roof


If your hobby generates a lot of noise or odor that you’d like to keep away from your family, working in your detached garage is a perfect solution. The loft of your garage is the perfect space for a small wood shop or metal shop. 

Whether your hobby of choice is fixing up trinkets, refurbishing furniture, flipping decor, or something else, a secluded workshop is one of the most peaceful investments you can make for yourself.

garage with loft workshop

Living Spaces

Building a living space above your garage is an increasingly popular garage loft idea all across the country. Whether you want to use it as a detached in-law quarters, a mini apartment for a teenager, or just a guest room or social space, a loft is a great call. By finishing and accessorizing the garage loft, you can make the space comfortable and usable year-round. 

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garage with loft apartment space

Extra Storage

Simply put, most people accumulate more stuff than they know what to do with. This garage loft idea means that you won’t need to try to store boxes around your cars on the ground floor and you won’t have to buy an extra garden shed to store your things. While single-story garages come with a crawlspace, a true loft will provide far more space and be much easier to use.

In addition to all of the practical uses for garage lofts, homeowners are also drawn to the look of the taller structure, too. By adding the height of a loft and extra windows to the garage, it creates a Cape Cod aesthetic that’s more distinguished than the average garage. While the usable space comes first, the style is important, too.

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garage with loft storage

Key Accessories to Consider

Depending on how you plan to use your garage, you’ll need to include a few different accessories. For example, if you plan on spending considerable time in your garage as a living space or an office, full insulation is essential to keeping it comfortable. On top of that, working with a HVAC contractor to add a mini split or other type of climate control system can help make it a true four-season space. Finally, adding extra windows is a simple yet essential upgrade as they provide natural light and that much-loved Cape Cod style.

How Much Extra is a Garage with a Loft?

There’s no question that a loft brings significant extra value to your garage – without significantly raising the price of your project. This is one of the main reasons we recommend this option to the vast majority of our clients. On average, garages with lofts cost approximately $2,000 to $4,000 more than the single-story version of the same garage. 

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