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Rustic vintage sliding barn door Barn Inspiration

Barn Door Ideas for Inside and Outside

  Squared or Arched Shape – The most common barn door designs either feature a squared or arched door shape. The arched style tends to be the more elaborate choice while the squared door is the traditional choice. As you…

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Barn Inspiration

Pole Barn Color Schemes That You’ll Love

Building a barn is unquestionably a big decision. The bigger decision though, is selecting that perfect horse barn color scheme that you will be happy with for the years to come – afterall, these structures could last up to 40…

Barn Inspiration

How to Build a Dream Horse Barn

You only get a horse barn once in your lifetime, it’s only right to splurge on the absolute best. Let’s be honest, no one wants to settle for “good enough” — especially when it comes to your dream horse barn! At New Holland Supply, we’re firm believers…

Barn Inspiration

What is a Pole Barn?

Pole Barn Basics: What You Need to Know If you need some extra storage on your property, you might want to consider building a pole barn. Before you decide to hire pole barn builders or purchase a DIY pole barn…

Brown Pole Barn Kit Barn Inspiration

All You Need To Know About Designing The Perfect Pole Barn

Pole frame construction isn’t exactly a new innovation. In the early days, it was a process involving long poles made from tree trunks placed into the ground. The remainder of the structure was then built around those poles. Today, there’s…

Choose the Right Custom Door Barn Inspiration

How to Choose the Right Custom Barn Door

Whether you’re planning on building a small pole barn for your equipment or a large horse barn for 20 horses or more, choosing the right custom barn door and horse stall materials for your property is a must! In addition…