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Barn Door Hardware from New Holland Supply

At New Holland Supply, we understand the high importance of details. That is why we take extra time to help you choose the best barn hardware options to accompany your pole barn kit and complement your style. When you buy a kit from us, we make sure everything is exactly how you want it. From the roofing materials and exterior colors down to the hand forged hinges on your barn doors. New Holland Supply is your one-stop shop for all your post-frame building needs.

The barn hardware products we offer are selected with you, our customer, in mind. We seek the foremost sources with the optimum value on their products to provide our customers with ideal options when selecting barn door hardware. Because your satisfaction is so important to us, we carry a wide variety of products to match your personal style and budget.

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Hinges & Latches

When dreaming of building a new horse barn, we understand that door hinges and latches are most likely not at the top of your list of things to think about. However, we encourage our customers to take into consideration the hardware details for their structure. Although small, these details are important and can enhance the style of your pole barn. Besides being affordable and convenient, barn hardware options from New Holland Supply are extremely durable. Check out our photo gallery for inspiration for your next post- frame project.


American Hinge Co. LLC

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Barn Doors & Hardware

Barn doors have the ability to completely transform the look of a building with one simple feature. At New Holland Supply, we not only supply you with some of the highest quality barn hardware products on the market but also with custom doors to match! We have built countless beautiful custom doors in endless styles, sizes, and configurations. With our company, you have the option to have a custom door constructed with your choice of materials like pine, cedar or aluminum.

Visit our custom doors page for more information about the unique door features available at New Holland Supply.

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Cannonball Door Hardware

Cannonball is a leading supplier of components in the agriculture, commercial, and metal building industries whose products are known to be the best in the market. Their team has been manufacturing high-quality post-frame and metal building products in Beloit, Wisconsin since 1991.

Because of this, we at New Holland Supply are proud to offer our customers a complete line of Cannonball door hardware products. When buying Cannonball products, you can rest assured knowing that you are purchasing versatile and efficient hardware from a customer focused company. Choose from our array of available latches, hand forged hinges, trolleys, and more to complete your pole barn or garage.

For more information about our building materials for barns or garages, please call us at (717) 354-4794.