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Cupola Roofs & Weathervanes

The History of Cupolas

If you spend any time driving around the countryside, you’ll soon notice a trend with the pole barn buildings you pass. The small decorative structure on top of the building is what is called a roof cupola. These elegant domes were introduced to society back in 8th-century architecture and derive from the Latin word meaning “small cask”. Today, cupolas tend to serve a mixture of both ornamental and practical uses. Check out our other great building materials to add that custom feel to your structure.

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A Simple Solution to a Hazardous Problem

Not only can cupolas and weathervanes add a unique feature to your structure, but also serve practical functionalities and can solve one of the biggest problems threatening your horse barn, garage, workshop, or storage structure. Cupola’s serve as an added source of ventilation.

Extremely damaging with potential impact on both your health and barn structure, humid air is a huge contributor to mold and mildew buildup. Fortunately, the solution is as simple as including a roof cupola to your building. The right type of cupola will efficiently ventilate heat out of the loft area while also keeping the space cooler in the warmer months of the year.

Benefits of Cupolas and Weathervanes

Whether you decide to invest in a vinyl, wooden, or copper cupola, you can rest assured knowing that you can have these elegant features without the hassle of heavy maintenance. In addition, some models of cupolas come with a window that can function as a skylight, allowing beautiful natural sunlight to shine through and light the space. Installing a cupola with a weathervane can also accentuate the height of your structure or even dominate as the focal point. If you’re looking for a durable and beautiful feature to last you a long time, a roof cupola is a perfect match for you!

Quality Cupolas from New Holland Supply

At New Holland Supply, we offer many different styles of custom built cupolas & weathervanes to beautifully compliment for any structure. All of our roof cupolas are handcrafted by Amish craftsmen here in Lancaster County, PA.

For a complete list of cupolas please see our cupola brochure or contact us for a full list of materials we stock. For prices & availability, please feel free to give us a call!

Roof Cupola Shipping & Delivery

We at New Holland Supply want to make the building process as easy and stress-free as possible for you, which is why we offer multiple shipping options when it comes to our cupolas and weathervanes. Some of our smaller cupolas can be shipped by UPS, while larger cupolas can be shipped by commercial carrier trucks or on our own trucks. For a complete shipping quote, please call us at (717) 354-4794.

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