Barn Door Home Décor to Inspire Your Renovation

You’ve seen them on Pinterest, in magazines, and in practically all of Chip and Joanna’s designs – beautiful barn doors have become a staple in home design! Barn door home décor provides a unique style punch, versatile convenience, and that ever-popular rustic flair. Decorating with barn doors is a trend that’s here to stay – and New Holland Supply has the door you need to take your home renovation to the next level.

Our dedicated custom door shop can craft any barn door you can imagine, and we sell our pieces nationwide! If you’re just getting started with your home renovation, check out our top picks for the best ways to incorporate a new barn door into your design. When you’re ready to discuss your options, contact one of our design experts to finalize your style and to get a price quote!

Decorating with Barn Doors: Our Favorite Ideas 

Barn door home décor turns something ordinary like an entry door into one of the highlights of your home renovation. Discover our favorite ways to incorporate decorating with barn doors in almost any type of home renovation:

Bedroom or Office Entry Door – Creating a private space in your home doesn’t need to be boring or ordinary. Using a barn door as the entrance to your bedroom or office makes for an eye-catching focal point, while still providing the feeling of an exclusive and secluded space. Solid wood barn doors are the most popular style for these types of rooms as they create real privacy. For bedrooms specifically, barn doors have recently taken the place of the more traditional French door – and they’re great if you don’t have room for a door to swing open.

teen room with decorated sliding barn door

Closets – Some of the most interesting opportunities for barn door home décor are when they’re used for closets.

Normally an afterthought in design, closets haven’t always received the attention they deserve – but here, they are star of the show thanks to a stunning sliding door! Be it a bedroom walk-in closet or your coat closet in the main hall, by decorating with a barn door, you make it an immediate showstopper.

Need more outside storage? We build reasonably-priced high-quality garage kits as well!

closet with sliding barn door decor

Bathroom Remodeling – A bathroom remodel is one of the most exciting renovations for many homeowners – so don’t forget that your door can have its style enhanced, too!

Here, barn door home décor can take center stage by closing off the bathroom with a door that looks completely unique.

Whether you like a solid wooden door, or prefer to accessorize with modern frosted glass, it’ll look exceptional. See just how much style and cozy rustic flair this door brings to the space.

barn door in master bedroom design

Dividing a Large Room – Large, open spaces can feel overwhelming, especially when you really need seclusion in part of the room. Our final pick for the best options for decorating with a barn door is to use it to divide a large room, while once again adding an eye-catching accessory.

This design method is often used when closing off a section of your basement – creating a separate space for a theatre room or a kids’ playroom. Bringing barn door home décor to the main floor has benefits, too – it can close off your study, or create a private dining space where you’ll host family holidays!

barn door home decor in dining room

What Can Your Interior Barn Door Look Like?

Great question! When you work with New Holland Supply, your barn door can look like almost anything! Since we build fully custom pieces, if you tell us your idea or show us a picture, we can build something that fully completes your space. These are just a few of the custom options to think about when finalizing your barn door home décor:

  1. Door Pattern – You can select a wide range of different patterns for your doors, including options with glasswork.
  2. Glass – If you opt for glass in your door, you can make plenty of choices about that, too. We offer all types of glass, from clear to fully frosted glass!
  3. Size – Whether you need a large door to sequester a formal dining space or a slim door for a bedroom, we can build to match any space.

Looking for more rustic inspiration? Check out our project gallery for custom doors and more!

Buy Now & Bring Your Barn Door Décor to Life

Decorating with one or more barn doors throughout your home can create a remarkable, one-of-a-kind space. If you’d like to start the design process right now, we’d love to help out. Our designers will help you find the perfect doors to complement your personal style and your home.

Reach out now to get quotes and to bring home true barn door home décor!

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