Crucial Horse Barn Upgrades to Consider

Do you feel like something is missing from your horse barn? It doesn’t have to be. Just because your barn is finished, doesn’t mean it’s done. We specialize in horse barn upgrades for those clients of ours that want to take their barn to the next level. If you find yourself spending more and more time in your horse barn, it might be time to think about upgrading it with some of the barn options we mention below. After all, it is just as much a space for you as it is your horse team.

At New Holland Supply, we are horse barn and pole barn building experts. We create custom horse barns and pole barns kits and are able to add unique horse barn upgrades like custom doors, metal roofing and siding, and other building options. If you are in the market for a new construction horse barn, contact us today to get more information on how we can bring your barn to life!

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Custom-Made Barn Options 

At New Holland Supply, we offer a wide variety of horse barn options to our clients. In today’s blog, we are sharing our favorite horse barn upgrades:

Adding or replacing stalls — This is a great option for those that are looking to add horses to their horse team, want to create a bigger stall for their current horses, or add more storage through a new stall. Adding new stalls is one of the best barn options for a growing farm family.

Adding grills or windows To Stalls — Add the look and feel of an authentic equestrian horse barn by adding grills to the front or sides of your horse stalls. If you have multiple horses that like to socialize, adding grills in between barn stalls can help horses to interact with one another safely. Another excellent horse barn option is adding windows to your horse stalls. Horses can benefit from being able to breathe fresh air and look outside on a day to day basis.

Insulation — Have you noticed that cold weather has kept you from spending time in your horse barn? Then it might be time to add one of our favorite horse barn upgrades: insulation. Having quality insulation will ensure that you will be able to weather the winter in comfort with your horse. No more heavy layers, expensive heaters, or gloves will be needed after our insulation team is through.

Door Add-Ons– Adding doors to your horse barn can not only allow you to create new spaces in your barn but also add timeless design features to your outdoor structure. At New Holland Supply, we create hand-crafted entrance doors, dutch doors, garage doors, and exterior doors. We also create state of the art interior door options to add that coziness and touch of home you might be missing from your horse barn. All our custom doors can be painted any color or embedded with glass. Get a one of a kind barn door here at New Holland Supply!

Cupola– Is the exterior of your barn just missing that certain rustic charm? Then adding a cupola is for you! A cupola is a small domed hatch that attaches to the top of your horse barn. This barn option is part artistically pleasing but also has some practical uses like helping to increase ventilation to your barn. This is a very affordable horse barn upgrade that can easily add a rustic and sophisticated look to your barn.

dutch doors and windows

Finish or Improve Tack Room — Having a tack room in your horse barn is the perfect way to keep your barn, organized, clean, and efficient. Some equestrian owners might think they can get by easily with an uncompleted tack room, but after a few months, many start to realize their mistake. Though horse barns are primarily used to store equestrian equipment, there are many other storage opportunities for your family if you finish a tack room.

Adding rubber pavers over concrete — If you have noticed that your legs, back, or other body parts are starting to ache after long days spent in the barn, it might be time for one of our most practical horse barn upgrades. Rubber pavers give you the extra cushion your body needs to stand for extended amounts of time on your barn floor. If you are starting to notice that extra time in the barn is hurting your legs or back, contact us today to add rubber pavers over the concrete aisleways on your barn.

Upgrade from A Shedrow Barn

Shedrow barns are horse sheds that have a single row of horse stalls, but no interior storage space or barn space included. Though many people choose this as an alternative to a custom horse barn at first, they may soon realize that they need more space. Yes, shedrows do provide space for your horses and a quick and easy solution if you need to house them, but you will quickly find that your family will outgrow shedrow barns. Custom horse barns like the ones we create here at New Holland Supply will meet your family and equestrian needs. If you find yourself wanting horse barn upgrades from a shedrow to a custom barn, we can help. Contact us today and get a free quote on our barn building services!

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We hope that through this article, you can start to see some areas where you can upgrade or add practical barn options. Don’t just make your horse barn a great place for your horses; make it a great place for you and your family. Contact us today to get a free quote or more information on adding extras to your horse barn today!

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