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Wooden Overhead Garage Doors Project Planning

Why You Should Build a Pole Barn Garage

While you may not think of your garage as the most glamorous part of your house, a detached pole barn garage from New Holland Supply can add style, value, and functionality to your home. Whether you are using it to…

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Red horse barn with cupola upgrade Project Planning

Metal Roof Cleaning Tips

How to Clean a Metal Roof New Holland Supply proudly sells high quality metal roofing. An important part of having a metal roof is keeping it clean in order to get the best out of it. A metal roof is…

Pole Barn Garage in Virginia Project Planning

How to Design the Perfect Garage Kit

Can anybody custom design garage building kits successfully? Yes, it’s easy. Just consider a few design hurdles beforehand. Get familiar with today’s design considerations, and you’ll come up with a garage kit design you’ll love. New Holland Supply makes beautiful,…

Pole Barn Building Kit Project Planning

8 Tips for Planning & Constructing Pole Buildings

Are you looking for a convenient structure that can serve as a storage space, horse barn, or even a storefront or private workshop for your hobbies? Then you’ll definitely want to consider the many possibilities available with pole buildings. Before…

Snow Guards for Metal Roofs Project Planning

Do I Need Snow Guards for My Standing Seam Metal Roof?

During winter, there are ticking time bombs that accumulate on our roofs in form of heaps of snow. Not only does it strain the roof causing snow dams when it compacts to form ice, it can cause damage and harm…

Pole Barn Kits for sale Project Planning

All You Need to Know About Pole Barn Kits

Pole barns have long been considered an affordable storage solution for farmers looking for convenient storage options. Primarily consisting of steel or aluminum panels and supported by poles driven into the ground, these buildings are less labor intensive because there’s…