Barn Door Ideas for Inside and Outside

We may live in a complicated modern age, but the rustic styles of the past are more beloved than ever. Need proof? One of the most exciting building accessories on the market today are barn doors — for both indoor and outdoor projects.  As a custom wooden door builder, we’re exploring some of our favorite barn door ideas and helping you find the door that fits your style.

Whether you use them for a showpiece interior door, or on your garage or barn, you’ll have a true one-of-a-kind home accent. The barn door designs and patterns we can craft range from the simple to the decorative. Get some inspiration – and reach out to our woodshop to order your custom barn door.

Exterior Barn Door Designs

Whether you have a garage or a true horse barn in your backyard, the custom barn door is a way to pay tribute to the style of the past. Not to mention that a genuine barn door will be quite the conversation starter for almost anyone who sees it. These are the hallmarks of a custom barn door that we build for the outside:

Squared or Arched Shape – The most common barn door designs either feature a squared or arched door shape. The arched style tends to be the more elaborate choice while the squared door is the traditional choice. As you can see, both options can look stunning in a variety of barns.

Color Choices – While interior barn doors tend to be painted bold and bright colors, exterior doors look best when stained or when matched to the siding. Whether used for a garage or a barn, a wooden door stained to bring out the natural hues is our favorite for exterior doors. However, if you have a strong horse barn color scheme in place, keeping the door consistent is only natural.

Window Options – Some of the most ornamental and beautiful barn door patterns incorporate windows. Usually these windows are made of small square panels and are seen on the upper third or half of the door. Not only does this style make the door standout, but it adds extra natural light into the barn itself, too. Think of this barn door idea as being a natural complement to the craftsmen style doors dominating front door design. We even build some doors that are essentially half-wood and half-window.

Hinged or Sliding – Whether the door slides open on a track is up to your taste and the size of the door itself. While extremely large doors will require a sliding track, most doors we build can work with either hinges or a sliding track. Even if you end up going with a sliding door, you can accent it with ornamental hinges and hardware.

Still planning your barn, learn more about building a dream horse barn.

Indoor Barn Door Designs

There’s nothing quite like an interior barn door as the hallmark of your interior design. Even better, we’ve seen inside barn doors work with both modern and rustic home decors. These are some of the touches that we love seeing in interior doors:

Accent Colors – While the exterior colors tend to be a bit more reserved or matched to the rest of the design, interior colors tend to be brighter and bolder. Like an accent wall, painting your barn door a vibrant color can be the perfect way to inject a unique shade into almost any room. However, a natural looking stain can also be used if you prefer a more reserved style.

Plenty of Patterns – While you are unlikely to see any windows as part of the barn door patterns on interior doors, you will see other interesting designs. One of the most popular looks involves having crossing beams raised on the door panels. For a more contemporary look, some homeowners like having simple raised or recessed panels – this touch makes your barn door look a whole lot like your other interior doors.

The Perfect Room Divider – One of the high-impact ways to utilize a barn door in your home is to divide a large room into two separate areas. An ambitious part of a home remodel, you can hang a barn door in the center of the room, creating a natural division thanks to the extra-wide width of the door. However, barn doors can also be used in more traditional ways, such as eye-catching bedroom doors.

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At New Holland Supply, if you can dream it, we can build it. While we are primarily known for making modular pole barns, we also have a custom door shop. Our team of craftsmen can design and build any type of barn door you need – for interior or exterior use.

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