Standard Garage Sizes: Find Your Perfect Fit

Whether you have a large collection of lawn tools, you need a place to store your vehicles, or you want a home workshop, your new garage can make that happen. One of the keys to being sure your garage meets your needs is ensuring you have the right garage size. That’s why we’ve put together our most popular standard garage sizes to help you find the perfect dimensions for your needs.

At New Holland Supply, we sell high-quality garage kits that make much-needed space a reality for homeowners all over the east coast. In today’s blog, we’re answering the question, “what size garage do I need?” Keep reading to check out our standard garage size guide – or reach out to our sales team to discuss your project and to get a quote!

What Size Garage Do I Need?

If you build too small of a garage, you’ll find yourself still frustrated because of a lack of space – however, going too large can waste money. That’s why asking, “what size garage do I need?” is necessary before you get started. That’s why we’re digging into the most common garage sizes and explaining the advantages of each size:

20’ X 24’ Garage – This first standard garage size is a fantastic choice for homeowners that have limited lot space for a new structure. With limited length and width, this compact garage can be delivered to, and built at, almost any home – even in small lots in towns and cities. This garage provides enough space for two cars but doesn’t allow for much leftover space to use for storage.  The small dimensions of this garage size don’t allow for a loft.

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two-toned garage with large door

24’ X 32’ Garage – For many homeowners, this mid-size structure is the perfect answer to the question of, “what size garage do I need?” The greater width and length means that these garages can accommodate two cars comfortably as well as providing supplemental storage, making this one of the most cost-effective garage sizes. That flexible space is enough to accommodate a riding lawn mower, a work bench and power tools. While a loft can be added to these garages, the loft will be better for additional storage rather than a home office or living space.

standard garage size with two doors

30’ X 40’ Garage – The largest tier among our standard garage sizes, these buildings provide the most custom options, several different layouts, and multiple ways to maximize the space. Available with up to three garage doors, you can expect to store two cars or trucks, a boat or other recreational vehicles, and plenty of tools and boxes – all while having space leftover for a small workshop. One final advantage is that the width of the structure allows for a spacious loft that can be used for additional storage, a home office, or even a small living space.

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large garage with 3 garage doors

Popular Add-Ons and Upgrades for Your Garage

Once you have the dimensions for your new garage figured out, you can start planning how you’ll complete it with a wide range of accessories and add-ons. The most popular interior upgrades for your garage are built-in shelving and peg boards to improve the storage potential. If you’re planning to use the garage as a living space or a home office, then full insulation and an HVAC mini split are essential upgrades that many homeowners choose to make.

The exterior add-ons to your garage mostly serve to change the look of it. Adding a cupola and weathervane to one of our garage kits is a popular accessory that creates a rustic barn-style appearance. Adding a two-tone wainscoting to the siding is a popular accessory that can make the exterior even more eye-catching. These upgrades are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to customizing the garage you’ll use for decades – talk to our team to discuss your barn and the extras we can include!

Get Quotes on Different Garage Sizes Today

Our experienced team of designers are standing by to help you design and create the garage kit that will meet your needs and your budget. If you’re still unsure about which of our standard garage sizes is right for you or just want to consult with an expert, we’re ready to talk. The first step is reaching out for a conversation and to get quotes on different garage sizes.

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