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Large 3 car garage at night with snow Financials

2 Car Garages vs 3 Car Garages

However, as soon as boats, jet skis, ATVs or any other outdoor toys enter the equation, a 3 car garage becomes the preferred choice.  See our full garage comparison to check out the essentials of each:   Average 2 Car…

Barn Inspiration

Garage Build Kits for Style and Savings

If you and your friends have the skills – or you know a great contractor – building a garage from a kit is the only real choice. You save a huge amount of money on the labor costs – while…

Pole Barn Garage in Virginia Financials

What Is a Pole Barn? Answers & Advantages

  Why Pole Building Construction Makes Sense for Garages In order to build a traditional structure, you need to dig a foundation into the ground, pour a concrete base, build cinderblock walls, and then build the skeleton of the building…

Glass panel garage doors on attached house garage Customization

Glass Panel Garage Doors

A unique garage door is one of the most striking ways to enhance your outdoor aesthetic. Whether the garage is attached to your home or free-standing on your property, a style upgrade can improve the look of the entire garage….

Two car garage with bonus space Customization

5 Must-See Detached Garage Designs

No need to leave your car outside in all weather – and no more boxes of storage spilling out from an undersized storage shed. A new garage is the perfect answer for securely storing your vehicles, lawn equipment, boxes of…

Horse barn with custom features Project Planning

The Smart Benefits of Detached Garages

7 Reasons to Choose Free-Standing Garages Whichever style you choose, you’re going to have the space for your cars and trucks as well as anything else you need. However, opting for a free-standing garage means that you’ll save money, prevent…

Beautiful horse barn Barn Inspiration

5 Different Types of Barns You Can Build

Barns are used for equipment storage, providing a home for herds of horses, and even serving as a beautiful space to gather with friends. Since barns fulfill very different roles, there is a wide range of different types of barns…

living room of pole building home Barn Inspiration

Pole Barn Houses: Smart Advantages with Stunning Style

This in-demand building trend balances the picturesque with the practical – all while resulting in truly one-of-a-kind homes. Pole barn houses have become a favorite of style-forward homebuyers as the designs break the mold, without breaking the bank! At New…

Farmhouse garage with pergola Barn Inspiration

Rustic Garages: One-of-a-Kind Style & Practical Storage

6 Farmhouse Style Garage Touches These farmhouse style garages are better for storing horsepower than actual horses. While you’ll be keeping cars, trucks, ATVs, and more on the inside, the exterior aesthetic evokes the gorgeous style of a classic farmhouse….