Horse Stall Front Types: American vs European

When building or outfitting your barn, you care about getting everything right – especially since the barn and stalls are the space that your horses will call home for decades. When looking for a horse stall front, you have two primary options: American and European. We’re breaking down the stylistic and practical difference of these two leading styles – and giving you the chance to shop either one!

At New Holland Supply, we supply everything that ranchers, farmers, and equine enthusiasts need to build their barns. From full barn kits themselves to custom barn doors and horse stalls, we supply it all. Keep reading to explore the key differences between these main horse stall fronts and find your personal favorite.

Comparing European Stall Fronts and American Stall Fronts

While European stall fronts and American stall fronts have many key differences, they ultimately do the same thing. Both keep your horses in their stalls and complete the look of your barn. Explore what sets these two leading styles apart – and what you can count on when you buy either from New Holland Supply.

  1. Stall Front Shape and Design – The difference you’ll notice right away is the shape of the stalls. European stall front bars have a curved or swooped look, and since they are often custom designed, this can take a wide range of different shapes, and designs. American stall fronts, on the other hand, are squared with a yoke (the hole through which a horse sticks their head). The main style difference for the American stall front comes from the shape of the yoke, which can range from rectangular to triangular and other shapes.
  2. Horse Visibility – The curved European stall front doesn’t just add an attractive profile to your barn, but it gives your horse the ability to see more of the barn and your other horses in their stalls. This does mean that it is the preferred style for keeping social horses happy. However, for some ranchers and stable owners, limiting horse visibility into other stalls can be a positive.
  3. Operation & Space Efficiency – Another crucial difference between these two stall fronts is how they open. European stall fronts are hinged, which allows them to swing outwards to open. However, American stall fronts operate on a sliding system. Barns with European fronts need to be larger to allow space for the stall to swing open – whereas the American style delivers the space efficiency that’s right for almost every barn.
  4. Price – While a horse barn is certainly an investment, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to limit your upfront cost. Between the horse stall front types, the European style will cost more money. This is due to the more complicated patterns in the front as well as the more complicated operation.
  5. The Similarities – While there are numerous differences between these two styles, there are also several key similarities you can count on. Firstly, both of our European and American stall fronts can be powder coated to be nearly any color that matches your barn’s interior décor. On top of that, both styles are equally tough and more than capable to stand up to the heavy-duty use your horses will put them through!

Build Your Entire Barn with New Holland Supply

New Holland Supply is the one-stop shop that farmers, ranchers, and builders all over the East Coast trust when they are expanding their farms. We don’t just offer horse stalls, but everything you need to build, upgrade, and maintain your barn, too. Our horse barn kits are one of our signature product lines. Designed by our experienced in-house teams and comprised of elite-tier materials, they represent one of the best and most affordable solutions for a new barn. In addition to that, we also have a custom door shop that crafts a wide range of custom barn doors ideal for new builds and upgrades. Lastly, we carry a wide range of accessories from cupolas to snow guards and much more!

horses out of stalls and in pasture by barn

Shop Both Horse Stall Fronts

At New Holland Supply, we sell both types of horse stall fronts. So, whether you want to buy a full barn kit that provides you everything you need – or you just need the stall fronts – we can help. The first step is to reach out for a conversation with our team. Not only can we answer any more questions you may have about American and European stall fronts, but we can get you prices on everything you need, too.

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