Why More People Are Exploring the Possibilities with Pole Buildings

Whether it’s valuable farm equipment, landscaping supplies, seasonal workshop, or prized vehicles, there are so many things that need to be safely stored and protected these days. So, there’s no denying the appeal of having a convenient and attractive space where vehicles, supplies, equipment, and other items can be safely stashed away. Yet you may not be thrilled about going through the traditional preparation, planning, and expense of having a garage or barn built. Pole buildings are an increasingly popular and cost-effective alternative.

While the pole-frame construction has been around for many years, it’s an option more homeowners today are considering for many reasons. For starters, pole barn kits like the ones we offer make it even easier to get a solid structure in its preferred place quickly and affordably. Here’s a closer look at some of the others reasons why pole barns and bulldogs are getting more popular and why you’ll be making a smart investment if you also opt for this type of structure.

Not as Much Excavation and Foundation Work

Customized pole barn garage kits are designed for easy set-up in many different spaces. While you’ll still need to excavate a flat, level pad to allow for the secure placement of your pole building, you won’t have to deal with the extensive foundation work that’s necessary for traditional stick-frame buildings. When you consider that foundation work can account for anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of total construction cost, it’s easy to see how pole barns can provide much-appreciated savings since less excavation work is needed. A pole building only needs concrete placed at  each footer to set the poles.

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Expansion Is Easier and Less Time-Consuming

The panels in pole barn garage kits are adjustable and flexible. With kits, pre-engineered structures can be sent to the area where they’ll be built. Because of the versatility of the components of pole structures, it can be easier to expand buildings on your property if your storage needs change over time. It can be just as simple to add an adjacent structure by ordering another kit if you have the space.

Pole Barns Are Highly Durable

Everything on a pole building, from the panels and the poles to the barn metal roofing, is designed with durability in mind. The way pole barns and garages are designed allows for greater protection from the elements, and even from severe storms, strong winds, and snow. They’re also highly resistant to damage from insects, rotting, and cracking from seasonal temperature changes. So, you can definitely get your money’s worth from a well-designed pole building customized to your preferences.

Less Wood Means Higher Load Capacity

Stick-frame barns need a lot of wood to provide optimal support. Because pole barns can have framing with wider spacing, more weight can be safely supported. This is especially appealing for structures that will be openly exposed to the elements. What this means is a reduced risk of structural issues from accumulated snow. However, a sloped metal roof on a pole building can further minimize problems from snow weight.

Better Insulation, More Cost-Effectiveness

Pole barn walls aren’t load-bearing. This means it can be frame similar to a traditional stick-frame building but with a higher capacity to resist heat flow (R value). A greater span between posts also means you can enjoy better ventilation. Ultimately, improve insulation capabilities and ventilation can mean fewer expenses for heating and cooling throughout the year. It’s this potential for added savings that has led budget-conscious property owners to embrace pole structures.

Pole Buildings Can Serve Many Purposes

Pole barns were originally designed for use by farmers as a handy source of extra storage for livestock or farm equipment and supplies. While pole barns can still serve this purpose, there are many other possible uses for these structures today. Part of the reason for this is because of the flexibility with design and sizes.

Also, traditional wood-framed buildings are supported by large, arched wooden beams. However, the beams are only structurally sound up to 50-60 feet. Metal pole-constituted buildings, on the other hand, can be safely customized in larger sizes. Because of the versatility with how pole barns and garages can be constructed, they can serve many purposes for both homeowners and business owners. Possibilities include:

  • Residential or commercial garages
  • Animal sheds
  • Workshops or private craft areas
  • Storefronts
  • Additional living spaces
  • A spot for parties, special events, or family gatherings
  • Office space
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Need some inspiration? Take a look at our photo gallery and see for yourself how versatile pole barns can be.

There Are Many Customization Options

Just because you decide to take advantage of the convenience of pole barn kits doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a personalized structure. There are many building material supplies and accessories that make your barn specific to your needs and preferences. For instance, cupolas and weathervanes can be both practical and decorative. With barn hardware, your barn can include sturdy door hinges and latches. If your pole barn will have a sloped metal roof, a perfect complement is a snow guard to prevent ice or snow jams.

Ready to explore the possibilities with pole barns, garages, and buildings? We have everything you’ll need to get started, including pole barn kits, barn material supplies, barn metal roofing, and accessories like weathervanes and cupolas. Contact us today to learn about our premium-quality products and reasonable prices.

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