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Metal Roofing & Siding

Excellent metal roofing and siding for your customized pole barn.

Concerned about getting quality metal roofing? All of our pole barn metal roofing and siding products are distributed from Everlast, ensuring a quality roof for up to 75 years! No need to worry about leaks and drips to the interior of your pole barn. Each panel of pole barn metal siding and roofing is designed to prevent fading and cracking along the formed ribs. Now this will enable your pole barn to have metal roofing and siding that looks new for much longer. Durable and aesthetic: you’ve found a win-win product! 

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Unique Product Aspects

Energy Efficient

Because metal reflects (but doesn’t absorb) the sun’s rays, your pole barn metal roofing will provide protection from extreme heat. As a result, your energy bills will become lower and you’ll be satisfied with the coolness of your pole barn’s interior.   


For up to 75 years, your pole barn metal roofing and siding will stay in good condition. Because Everest uses higher ribs than norm, your metal roofing will have stronger structural support. This will free you up to worry about what truly matters in life. 


We offer metal roofing which is lighter than other roofing options. Thus, your pole barn will be covered and protected without adding extreme weight or pressure to the structure. 

Choose from over 15+ color customizations! Design your new pole barn to your liking!


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We Deliver to the Northeast Cost

If you’re living on the Northeast Coast, we can deliver your pole barn metal siding and roofing directly to your land! The specific states with available delivery are Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York. In reality, we can ship a pole barn kit anywhere in the continental United States, but if you live west of the Missouri River, it may not be cost-efficient. 

What Can I Do Now?

  1. Purchase our metal roofing.
  2. We’ll deliver it to you.
  3. Enjoy the finished product! 


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