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Premium Custom Pole Barn Kit Options

When it’s time to put everything away, having a place to safely store it all is a necessity. Custom pole barns kits from New Holland Supply can make it easy. We’ll even help you determine how to logistically place the structure on your property. Our pole barn kits help auto mechanics, regional manufacturing facilities, and farmers optimize their daily work life. When excessive storage is required, pole buildings are still heavily used to provide that space. There are many practical and innovative uses for custom pole garages, such as:

  • Storefronts
  • Community Centers
  • Workshops
  • Storage Spaces
  • Garages
  • And More!

Find out why more people are exploring the possibilities with pole buildings!

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Add Value to Your Home with a Pole Barn Garage Kit

Adding a pole building garage to your property can be considered another form of investing. By adding value to your property with a custom pole building or pole barn garage kit, you’re increasing the estimation of your business or property. All pole barn garage kits from New Holland Supply are versatile, economical, and easy to assemble. From a workspace to a horse barn kit, these post-frame structures have a long life expectancy and are compatible with almost all outdoor spaces!

Just like our customers, not all of our pole barns are the same. We will continue to help all of our customers design their perfect pole building. These structures are simple to assemble, making it a reasonable option for a do-it-yourself project and perfect for an experienced builder.

Built to Last: Quality Pole Building Kits

Our team of pole barn builders at New Holland Supply are dedicated to the details. As you can probably tell by now, pole barn kits are our specialty. We provide homeowners and contractors with convenient pole building kits that include everything needed to build the post-frame structure. With our expertise and the use of the best quality materials, we are able to make these pole barns and garages both durable and affordable. Trust our team of experts to help you design the structure that will exceed your expectations.

Contact Us to Design a Custom Pole Barn for Sale

From top to bottom, we offer quality materials to make your pole barn for sale last. We are your one stop shop for all your pole building needs and offer materials such as high-quality metal roofing, long-lasting horse stall materials, perma columns, and more. We’ll take care of constructing your kit with all of the needed materials.

Can’t make it to our location in Lancaster County, PA, to pick up your materials? We offer speedy delivery to states along the East Coast, including:

  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • Connecticut
  • Rhode Island
  • Massachusetts

Contact us today to start designing your new custom pole barn kit!

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Below is pricing for our standard pole barn packages:

  • Standard Basic Packages
  • Standard Extras Packages

Standard Basic Packages

28ga. Painted Metal Roof and Sides, 12’’ Eave Overhangs, Flush Gables, (1) 10’ x 8’ Overhead Garage Door, (1) 36’’ x 80’’ 6-Panel Entry Door.

20′ x 24′ x 10′ $6,950
24′ x 32′ x 10′ $9,250
24′ x 40′ x 10′ $10,750
30′ x 40′ x 10′ $12,050
30′ x 60′ x 10′ $15,850
40′ x 60′ x 12′ $24,150 (1) 12′ x 10′ OHD


*Price Does Not Include Taxes or Delivery Charge

Standard Extras Packages

28ga. Painted Metal Roof and Sides, 12’’ Overhangs All Around, Vented Ridge, (1) 10’ x 8’ Insulated Overhead Garage Door, (1) 36’’ x 80’’ 9-Lite Entry Door, (3) 3’ x 4’ Single Hung Windows, 3’ Wainscoting All Around, Vapor Barrier On Roof.

20′ x 24′ x 10′ $10,000
24′ x 32′ x 10′ $12,550
24′ x 40′ x 10′ $14,100
30′ x 40′ x 10′ $16,400 (4) Windows
30′ x 60′ x 10′ $21,650 (6) Windows
40′ x 60′ x 12′ $28,450 (6)Windows, (1)12′ x 10′ OHD & 4′ Wainscoting


*Price Does Not Include Taxes or Delivery Charge