8 Tips for Planning & Constructing Pole Buildings

Are you looking for a convenient structure that can serve as a storage space, horse barn, or even a storefront or private workshop for your hobbies? Then you’ll definitely want to consider the many possibilities available with pole buildings. Before we get started, let’s clear up some confusion between the terms “pole barns” and “post-frame construction.”

Both terms refer to the same building style. Post frame construction is actually the building process that used to make structures like pole barns and garages. As with any other type of construction, you’ll have the option of building a pole building yourself after getting everything you’ll need from New Holland Supply, or hiring someone else to do it after you get the all the materials and accessories you need. No matter what approach to construction you prefer, there are some tips to keep in mind as you prepare to build a pole structure.

pole building with beautiful windows

Pole Building Preparation Steps

  1. Consider How You’ll Use Your Building
    1. Whether you want a traditional pole barn or a pole barn garage, how you proceed with building it will depend on how you intend to use the space. If you are looking for some inspiration for how a pole building can be used, take a look at our gallery to determine how you might use your structure.
    2. Consider traffic patterns and where things will be stored and located to determine what type of layout. Also, consider what future purchases you may make or how many things you may end up storing in your building when deciding on a size that’s right for you.
  2. Find Out What Codes Apply to Your Structure
    1. Building codes for a pole barn garage that will be large enough to be your new man cave or a play area for your kids of grandchildren will be different than the codes for pole barn that will house horses or be used for storage. Before you start building or exploring our pole barn kits, check with your local municipality to see what codes and zoning regulations will need to be kept in mind.
  3. Location Matters
    1. The location of your pole barn will determine what dimensions you’ll need to keep in mind for the poles and other materials used. For instance, a pole barn or garage that will be close to other structures on your property, or even adjacent to your home, will have more size limitations than one that will be out in an open field. You’ll also want to consider the location for other engineering factors.
    2. For example, a building that will be on a hill that’s exposed to strong winds can be made more durable with poles that are wider, spaced closer together, or embedded further into the ground. Soil conditions at your building site will also determine what materials you’ll use and how they’ll fit together. Also with the location, avoid spots where you’ll need to do massive grading work or make a lot of external modifications to your pole building for access.
  4. Consider Aesthetics When Picking Materials
    1. You’ll have many choices with details such as colors, decorative features, and accessories. When making these decisions, consider the aesthetics of your property and home. If, for example, your home has beautiful slate shingles, you may not want metal roofing for your pole barn.
    2. But if you have your heart set on metal roofing since it will require less upkeep, select a color that matches your home’s roof color to make the difference in materials less noticeable. Your exterior features should also play a role in determining color schemes and what kind of windows and barn doors you choose.
  5. Choose Windows and Doors That Will Maintain Comfort
    1. How your pole building will be used will also affect your choices with windows and doors. If you’re going to be using your pole barn garage to house your vehicles or as an extra living or workspace, keep access and ventilation in mind with doors and windows. Also, make sure everything is insulated properly — unless you want to be sweating or freezing while tinkering with your cars or working on your crafts.
  6. Decide How You’ll Customize Your Pole Building
    1. From barn hardware to single or double barn doors, there are many ways to customize a pole building. Customization also extends to the materials you can use. Pole barns and garages don’t have to be all wood anymore. We offer equally appealing metal roofing and colorful metal siding. Your pole structure can be further personalized with:
      • Custom built barn or garage doors
      • Optional grill styles on horse barn doors
      • Safety grills on windows
      • Single or split sliding doors
      • Glass options with doors that include Bubble, Aquatex, Etched, and Rain patterns
      • Cupolas and weathervanes
      • Snow guards
  7. Don’t Forget Ventilation
    1. How you’ll use your pole structure will also dictate how it’s ventilated. While all pole-style buildings allow for some degree of airflow and ventilation, you may need to make special adaptions to create more ventilation for vehicle exhaust or vapors from materials you’ll be using or storing in it, especially with anything that may become hazardous if vapors build up.
  8. Choose the Right Pole Barn Hardware
    1. Obtaining the right hardware for your pole barn is just as important. Essential hardware you’ll need includes pole barn nails for framing and fastening, lateral bracing, and wall framing hardware. Don’t forget to select the right hinges and latches based on the type of structure you’ll be building and what features will be included with it. Finally, consider the following finishing touches for your building:
    2. Electricity connections for things like garage door openers and any outlets you may need to have in your structure
    3. Flooring and drainage
    4. Food storage for feeding areas
    5. Shelving
    6. Locks for your doors
    7. Protection against rodents (e.g., flashing around roof openings, a second layer of insulation)

Ready to start building your pole barn? Make the process easier by exploring the customized pole barn kits available from New Holland Supply. We offer an assortment of kits in various styles, sizes, and shapes along with any barn hardware and related accessories you may need. Contact us today to learn more about our pole barn kits and supplies.

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