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Horse Stall Materials

Quality, safe materials for your horse stall

You have your horse barn! But now you’re on the lookout for horse stall materials to furnish your barn and provide further efficiency. Here at New Holland Supply, we offer a variety of horse barn materials that will make your barn life easier. You can choose our standardized fits or can customize your order as desired. 

When you are looking for the best equine materials, New Holland Supply has what you are looking for. We carry all the hardware for your stalls and stall doors, chew guards, wall channel, latches, rollers, and guides. We have a steady supply that we keep stock including:

  • black powder coated screws, lag bolts, and carriage bolts
  • black powder coated spearhead hinges in stock.
  • ¾”- 4’ x 6’ rubber stall mats in interlocking and square edge.
  • Hay racks and bucket holders can be ordered to size.
  • Complete line of Cannonball Hardware.

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Horse Stall Materials We Offer Include:

  • Horse Stall
    & Grills
  • Horse Stall Doors
    & Windows
  • Standard Horse
  • European Stall
  • Horse Stall

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Horse Stall & Grills

Grills are an excellent horse stall material to allow extra ventilation and source of light to your horses. We offer horse stall front grills, partition wall grills and window grills made to size. Our standard stall front grills are available in two sizes: 54 x 32’’ and 78 x 32’’ with a reversible feed hole.

For your standard stall partition needs, we offer sizes of 102 x 32’’ and 126 x 32”. While all grills are complete with square bars, U-Channel Frames, and black powder coating, you can customize all sizes and styles.

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Horse Stall Doors & Windows

It’s imperative your horse stall has a set of quality windows and doors. We offer a choice between two durable styles of horse stall doors: wooden and aluminum. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously create each wooden door, while the aluminum doors are expertly manufactured at a trusted local metal shop. Our standard door measurements are 48” wide by 85” high by 2 ¼.” As always, you can customize the size and design of your horse stall windows and doors according to your preferences.

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Standard Horse Stall

Standard horse stalls range from 10’ x 10’ to 12’ x 12’. Doors are typically sliding or hinged doors. We now stock stall front grills with reversible feed holes and U-Channel frame as well as partition grills with the same U-Channel frames for easy installation.

horse stall grills

European Stall Front

If your aim is to add a touch of sophistication to your horse barn, our European Series horse stalls are the ideal choice. These stalls boast a robust and enduring solid construction, coupled with gracefully curved stall fronts that truly distinguish them from the rest.

Horse Stall Accessories

We all want horses to have comfortable stalls. With our horse stall accessories, your horses will receive more ventilation and you will gain added organization and efficiency. Our horse stall accessories include:

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New Holland Supply can ship any horse stall components nationwide (through a common carrier). For more information, please contact our friendly staff at 717-354-4794.

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