Metal Roof Cleaning Tips

How to Clean a Metal Roof

New Holland Supply proudly sells high quality metal roofing. An important part of having a metal roof is keeping it clean in order to get the best out of it. A metal roof is constructed out of many tiles that are strong and dense. Although each individual tile component on a metal roof is highly resistance, cosmetic and structural problems could occur if proper cleaning procedures aren’t implemented regularly. If you want to maintain a clean metal roof in order to protect a barn, this tactical cleaning guide can help.

When to Clean a Metal Roof

Typically, you’ll only need to clean a roof when certain environmentally elements on noticeable. In most cases, an average roof requires more maintenance throughout the spring and summer because there are many environmental hazards during these seasons. The following environmental elements should be removed off a roof whenever they’re detected on a spring or summer day:

  • Dirt: Depending on the layout of your barn, you may or may not notice dirt layers on the roof easily. If sand lands on a roof, you probably won’t see the grains until large clusters generate in isolated zones. Rich soil has a darker shade, so you’ll spot it quickly after the wind projects stray particles on a roof. No matter if your roof holds light grains of sand or thick clumps of soil, you must cleanse the material in a timely manner before rains turns the dry dirt into mud.
  • Debris: Debris lands on a roof when wind travels around a property. Whenever many leaves and branches linger on various spots on your roof, you’ll need to implement seasonal maintenance procedures to extract the pieces.

Roof Cleaning Supplies

In order to tackle a metal roof cleaning project, you must gather various maintenance supplies. The most important items for a clean metal roof job include

  • A ladder: A proper ladder must have a stable base and wide rungs. The feet on the bottom of the ladder should be constructed out of a rough material that provides grip. If a ladder has solid feet, it won’t wobble on risky terrain.
  • A pressure washer: A pressure washer can simplify tough cleaning jobs. When picking pressure washing equipment, always consider the PSI because it impacts the intensity of the jets.
  • Sturdy boots: Work boots will help you climb a ladder and walk on a roof safely. If possible, invest in waterproof boots because the protective barrier will keep your feet dry whenever you walk around a damp yard in the morning.
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Severe weather can dramatically impact your safety before and during a roof maintenance project. In order to ensure the highest level of safety, you’ll need to thoroughly observe your surrounding when your community gets

  • Rainstorms: Rainstorms can soak the surfaces on a roof, and the material won’t dry quickly. To stay safe, you shouldn’t try to maneuver on a roof following a rainstorm until sunlight or wind completely dries the material.
  • Sunlight: On a sunny day, glare can make the process of maneuvering to various areas on a roof challenging. If you tackle a roof maintenance job in the afternoon while the sun is high in the sky, intense light won’t reflect off the material.
  • Wind: When strong winds travel through your neighborhood, never climb a ladder or walk on a roof. If one intense gust happens while your off the ground, the momentum may impact your balance.
  • Ice: Ice is an environmental problem that’s hard to detect since it’s usually clear. The best way to avoid slipping is giving all ice time to melt following a cold weather event.

Cleaning a Metal Roof

Begin the job by grabbing your pressure washing equipment. If a cleanser isn’t included with the unit, you’ll need to make your own cleaning solution. For this task, you’ll need laundry detergent, bleach, and water. All of these items are combined, they create a reliable cleanser that can dissolve the toughest grime on a roof. If you have a pressure washer, you can apply the cleanser by spraying it on the roof. In order to cleanse a roof without pressure washing equipment, you’ll have to scrub the soiled spots with a soft rag or brush.

After all surfaces are clean, rinse the soapy mixture off the roof with a hose. This step is needed in order to achieve a clean metal roof because noticeable soap stains will generate if the solution isn’t completely rinsed away.

In order to get the most out of your metal roof, it is important to keep it as clean as possible. A clean metal roof will last much longer and will be more effective than a dirty, unkempt roof. Looking for a metal roofing contractor in New Holland, PAContact New Holland Supply to get started today!

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