How to Design the Perfect Garage Kit

Can anybody custom design garage building kits successfully? Yes, it’s easy. Just consider a few design hurdles beforehand. Get familiar with today’s design considerations, and you’ll come up with a garage kit design you’ll love. New Holland Supply makes beautiful, customizable garage kits that are affordable and easy to assemble!

The first consideration when designing the pole barn garage is the number of vehicles to be stored inside. It’s the perfect space for a two car garage, a mechanic’s garage or a complete car collector’s area. The size of vehicles is a consideration too, for example. A 35-foot motor-home takes up a tremendous amount of space and requires a lot of clearance. Even today’s minivans have grown too big for many standard garages. Our kit garages can have high clearances and large parking stalls.

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The Value of a Garage Kit

These considerations are important when you’re designing a pole barn garage, but sometimes it’s dictated by the value of the real estate. It doesn’t hurt to consider the investment aspect of your new kit garage. It’s not that your home is just an investment tool – it’s not. It’s home, and the emphasis is on designing a space to your home, in this case, the kit garage. But will you resell your home one day in all probability? Statistically speaking, you live in four to five homes in your lifetime. So what’s wrong with thinking about the real estate aspect when designing your garage?

Getting Started with Garage Building Kits

To get down to nuts and bolts, consider the features of garage building kits. The first consideration has to be the entrance. Everybody wants an entrance that works for them. Because the garage is placed near the house, the location of the garage door entrances is all the more important. In addition, when considering the garage door supply, how tall must the doors be to work with your design?

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Customizing Your Pole Barn Garage

The custom garage design of our garage kits the perfect opportunity for additional space whether it’s a workout space, a workbench or home office. It can all be achieved with barn hardware. Other considerations include cement footings, posts, headers and girths. The roof and siding material are important components that should be part of your design. The barn hardware will also have to be considered. In addition, the various roof designs you can get with a garage kit will make your design even more interesting. Is a conventional gable roof work in your design, or do you want to look at something fancier?

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It’s important to do the design of the garage with all the modifications first, and not add extra parking space or rooms at a post-design stage. Communicate with relatives and settle on a fixed purpose before you set it to paper. The rooms and changes create design troubles for the façade of the garage if you have already settled on a look you want.

It’s far better to have a list of spaces and rooms you want to use before you start designing. It might be a good idea to start with a maximum measurement of the space you want to use, and then rough out the garage kit footprint on paper and fit it into the space.

New Holland Supply proudly offers the finest garage kits. We will work with you throughout the buying process to make sure you get the garage of your dreams. Contact us today to get started!

I have spoken with a dozen or more building suppliers and this is the most helpful information I have gotten from anyone. Thank you, I greatly appreciate you.


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