Luxury Horse Barns You Need to See

Luxury horse barns stand out as being architectural marvels as well as serving as superb horse stables. These gorgeous structures offer style, size, and distinct deluxe touches. At New Holland Supply, we’re one of the few barn companies that crafts kits for these exceptional spaces – in fact, our fancy horse barns can be seen up and down the East Coast.

If you’re planning to bring a luxury horse barn to your home or property, you’re in the right place. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting the essential traits to plan for – and showcasing some of our favorite projects. Keep reading to learn more, or reach out to our design team for knowledgeable, first class service!

Key Traits of Fancy Horse Barns

These fancy horse barns have a few key traits that make them a showstopping space when up close or even seen from a distance. While your horse barn will be 100% custom, the following traits belong in the vast majority of these upscale stables and are worth considering:

High-End Exterior Materials – While a standard horse barn is built with durable metal siding, fancy horse barns are finished with either pine siding or board and batten. Either of these siding choices create a distinct and gorgeous primary exterior material.

Stone Accent or Stone Wainscoting – Playing off the elaborate pine or board and batten, stone is a striking choice to add to your barn. Not only does the stone contrast nicely against the wood, but it adds a feel of timelessness to the structure as well.

Finished Tack Room and Feed Room – The luxury touches you want aren’t only used on the exterior – you can count on the interior of a luxury barn to be just as exceptional. We often finish the tack rooms and feed rooms with fully-insulated tongue and groove walls. In addition, you can outfit them with custom barn doors as well.

Finished Wash Stall – The high-end touches extend even to where you or your employees will wash the horses down after a long day. Our custom wash stalls are fully finished and lined with attractive glass board panels.

Built-Out Loft Space – This is an absolute necessity whether your barn is for a working stable or to host elaborate barn parties. Finishing and building out the loft space with superb amenities is crucial to getting the most out of the second story. Whether you plan to use the space as a living quarters for farm hands, as your barn office, or just as a social area, you’ll want its deluxe feel to equal the rest of the interior space.

Learn more about two-story barn benefits.

Arched Transom Window – This stylish exterior adornment is seen on the vast majority of our fancy horse barns across the country. Transom windows arched above the main entrance of the barn are an eye-catching focal point and are a very popular option to include.

Large Custom Cupolas – While cupolas are an in-demand accessory for a wide range of different structures, luxury horse barns tend to have distinct, ornamental cupolas. These custom cupolas are often comprised of glass windows and fitted with lighting to illuminate the property – rather than being used for just the ventilation.

Lean-Tos– This accessory serves a great practical purpose while contributing to the overall grand profile of the barn itself. By providing shade from the rain or sun, lean-tos make it comfortable to work on the horses in all weather.

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See Some of Our Favorite Projects

So, now you have an answer to the question, “Does adding a garage increase home value?” – and if you’re ready to take the next step, we’re here to help. While our garage kits are fully customizable and made to the highest quality, our prices are competitive with other elite manufacturers.

We encourage you to reach out to our sales team to discuss your budget and needs. We’ll help you find the perfect garage that serves you well for decades. Reach out to start the conversation and to get quotes!

luxury horse stable with yellow siding

Get Quotes on Luxury Horse Barn Kits

If you’re ready to bring your dream-come-true luxury barn to life, you’re in the right place. The next step is for you or your contractor to reach out to our design team to discuss your plans, your inspirations, and your budget. Our team will be able to work with you to craft the plans and the kit that will become a truly one-of-a-kind space.

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