What Is a Pole Barn? Answers & Advantages

If you’re doing research for the new barn or garage you’ve been planning, you’ve probably come across the term pole barn or pole garage. The first question most people ask is what is a pole barn – and why would I want one? A pole barn or pole building comes from a different style of construction that uses the wooden posts in the ground for the frame rather than a traditionally dug-out foundation. This pole building construction style provides a wide range of benefits, including being less expensive and less labor intensive to build.

At New Holland Supply, we sell pole barn kits and pole garage kits that customers all over the East Coast rely on. One of the most common uses is for high-quality, free-standing garages, perfect for storing your vehicles and giving you some always-helpful storage space. Keep reading to learn about what is a pole barn and why they make perfect sense for your new garage!

Why Pole Building Construction Makes Sense for Garages

In order to build a traditional structure, you need to dig a foundation into the ground, pour a concrete base, build cinderblock walls, and then build the skeleton of the building with a wooden frame. Pole building construction is much simpler – excavation and concrete foundation may not be needed. In addition, there are fewer steps overall. Poles are simply secured into the ground and the metal siding can be securely built on that.   This essentials-only construction style leads to a few key advantages:

  1. Less Expensive – One of the main reasons that pole building construction is overtaking the traditional style is the price point. Building a pole barn garage will cost significantly less than a traditional one. The savings come from the fact that there is less material. Furthermore, if your site doesn’t require professional excavation, you’ll save even more money. While the prices depend on your specific project, you can easily expect to save a few thousand dollars choosing pole building construction!
  2. Easier for Homeowners or DIYers – By requiring fewer steps in construction, building a pole garage or barn is even more realistic for DIY install. There are far less complicated steps (like framing the entire structure in wood) and most importantly a backhoe isn’t required. If you have some experience in home construction, you and a group of friends can put together your new building over a few weekends. This just isn’t the case for a traditional barn or garage – those types of structures are a professionals-only project.
  3. May Be Less Building Requirements – Since less steps, less heavy machinery, and less complicated work needs to be done, there may be less red tape from your local government. Oftentimes townships only require a simple permit to construct a pole building – which is much better than needing to submit plans and going through multiple approval stages with other kinds of structures. Please keep in mind, though, that every township and municipality is different and you should always check before beginning work.
  4. Same Custom Options – When potential customers ask us, “What is a pole barn?”, they often want to know if there are any disadvantages to choosing it or if customization options are missing. Good news: pole building construction allows for all of the same custom choices, including accessories like wainscoting, as well as all of the options for a full second story or a loft. From a style standpoint, your new structure can look plain or elaborate – either a modern garage, or a rustic-looking country barn! Check out our project gallery to see what our customers have built!
  5. Prepped and Built Faster – Everything about a pole barn structure is more convenient. Building a traditional structure on your property can take weeks (especially when coordinating schedules between different teams of contractors). However, putting together a pole building kit takes far less time – since there are so many fewer steps involved. Not only is the construction process more efficient, but the ordering process can be just as simple when you partner with us. When you order a garage or horse barn kit from New Holland Supply, you can have it delivered right away. It’s not uncommon to place your order on a Monday and have the kit by Friday – if not earlier!

Design Your Custom Kit & Get a Price

Now you know exactly what a pole barn is – and the advantages of this efficient construction style. If you’re ready to get prices to bring one of these structures to your property, our team is here to help. The first step is to talk to our designers to plan what your new barn or garage needs to include, the desired layout, and how it should look. The New Holland Supply design experts will help you finalize your design and get you a price for the kit you need to make it a reality.

Reach out right now to plan with our team and to get prices!

I have spoken with a dozen or more building suppliers and this is the most helpful information I have gotten from anyone. Thank you, I greatly appreciate you.


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