Budget Pole Barn Kits: Prices & Options

You need a pole barn — and you don’t want to take out a second mortgage to get a good one. Our budget pole barn kits are designed specifically for cases like this: when you need reliable storage, without all the bells and whistles, at a fair price.

At New Holland Supply, we’re a custom barn builder that builds everything from budget storage barns to luxury horse barns. We’re here to help budget-conscious buyers find out what a pole barn costs, the options that come standard in our budget pole kits, and the upgrade options available. Read our blog to learn all about our budget pole barn kits — and to request your custom quote.

What Does a Pole Barn Cost?

A pole barn’s cost is determined by numerous factors including the size, the material, and the specific options you choose. Rest assured, though, that when you buy a budget pole barn from New Holland Supply, you’ll get a secure, weatherproof structure that you’ll rely on for years to come.

Our most basic pole barn costs $4,400 and is 20′ x 24′ x 10′. This entry level barn provides you ample storage for your overflow belongings or equipment, and while this budget pole barn won’t have many decorations or accessories, it is around the same price as most garden sheds.

Our largest standard size basic pole barn costs around $15,000 and is 40′ x 60′ x 12′. This structure will be approximately twice the size of a standard two-car garage, providing most homeowners with more storage than they’ll EVER need.

Adding windows is one of the most common upgrades that homeowners want for their budget barns. The added natural light makes it easier to work in the barn, and from the outside, windows make the barn look more attractive sitting next to your house. Beyond more windows, adding more entry doors and adding windows to the garage doors are also common add-ons.

Options to Pair with a Budget Barn

At the most basic level your barn has a simple job to do: providing you the storage you need, close at hand. However, even if you are trying to stay on a budget, you can add some extras that make your barn more convenient to use and with a more defined style. These extras aren’t included in the basic price but still fit in with the price point of a budget pole barn kit:

  1. Metal Wainscoting — This touch is making design headlines in people’s homes, but it can also bring a unique style to your barn without adding much to the bottom line.
  2. Metal Cupola — When you imagine what a barn should look like, chances are you envision a cupola sitting on the roof line. You can add a small metal cupola to your barn for approximately $200.
  3. Lighting — A barn add-on that can offer style as well as practicality, adding lighting to your budget pole barn kit won’t increase the price too much but can make your space more usable and more attractive at the same time.
  4. Faux Stone — While real masonry tends to cause the price of ANY project to skyrocket, the faux stone veneer that we can add as an accent to your pole barn is fairly affordable. Since the stone is only decorative, it doesn’t exactly function as a practical budget option — but it creates a signature rustic look that might make the price worthwhile.

Order Your Budget Pole Barn Today

While you can buy a budget pole barn kit for right around $4,400, the majority of homeowners we sell to make a few additions and customizations. As your first step towards locking in your final pole barn cost, we recommend giving our barn builders a call today.  Tell our experienced sales team about your needs and budget – and we’ll help you find the right barn for the job.

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