The Benefits of Snow Guards for Metal Roofs

In wintertime, you must keep your roof, eaves, property, and people as safe as possible. Here are some questions that you may have about snow guards for metal roofs and answers about what they can do for you.

Common Questions about the Benefits of Snow Guards

1. Can a metal roof really be that dangerous?

Yes, very easily. Metal is a slick surface area. Quite a bit of snow and ice can build up and, as soon as it starts to melt, the snow comes down in one great lump. This is can trap children and small animals and even send shards of ice into metal and wood types of property, denting them.

snow guard defenders

2. Does a newer metal roof make a difference?

No, it does not. You will still need snow guards, particularly if you live anywhere that can be considered a northern state, province or area. The colder it gets, the more snow can pile up and the more you need snow guards on your metal roofing.

3. Will my gutters catch the snow and hold it in them?

No, they won’t. In fact, without metal roof snow guards, snow can simply pile up against your gutters, ripping them off, tearing at them, and/or damaging them. Rain gutters and eaves are meant to hold rain, not snow. You still need snow guards for metal roofs.

4. How much damage can snow really do?

Snow is very powerful. A whole roof-full of snow can inflict serious damage when it comes down, and can even hurt people. Always be safe and keep people around you safe, as well. Metal roofing is able to hold a lot of snow and when it melts, it can all come down at once.

5. Is there a particular type of snow guard that I should get?

All of our snow guards here at New Holland Supply are tough, resilient metal snow guards. Metal is the most resilient material when holding up against snow and the pressure of a large buildup on your roof. We have seen our snow guards work and be perfect for all of our customers. You should pick the snow guard that best fits the type of metal roof you have. You can see pictures of the different types here on our website.

6. How many snow guards show I use?

You should space them about a foot apart. However, since you will be placing them in a one-on-one-off pattern of two neat rows, there will be about two feet between snow guards on the same row. You only need two rows of snow guards to be really effective.

snow guards for metal roofs

7. Is there a specific way to place the snow guards?

You don’t want one snow guard directly below another. You can have two neat, even rows of them, but make sure the bottom row is half a space over so that a straight line connecting them would form a zigzag pattern from the front of your house to the back. Take a look at our photos to see how we recommend placing them.

8. Do tiny houses with metal roofs need snow guards?

It is less damaging on a small roof, but snow coming down all at once can still damage wintering flower beds, people, and pets/animals. We recommend that you choose safety and security to avoid accidents and injuries.

9. Do the snow guards stop snow and ice from coming down altogether?

No, but they completely prevent large sheets and piles from coming down. Small little tufts and sprays of snow and ice will sneak past the metal roof snow guards. However, by the time that your roof is cleared of snow and ice, almost all of it will have melted and converted to water and simply dripped down.

10. Can there be so much snow and ice that a couple of snow guards can break?

Not at all. Our metal snow guards are effective against a large roof-full of snow, even piled very high. You will want the snow to come down in small sprays. Snow guards are designed to withstand an enormous amount of weight, pressure, and weathering on a regular basis. They’re not just molded and shipped out. They’re designed to be strong enough for us on large barns and commercial buildings with angled metal roofs.

Choosing New Holland Supply

If you think that snow guards are right for you, then you should check out some of our other products. New Holland Supply can help you with all of your building, construction, storage, and shelter kits. We want to make sure that you are as fascinated with us as we are with you. Check out the rest of our website and contact us to get started today!

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