Affordable Horse Barns

The dream is an affordable horse barn that can accommodate all your animals and not abandon that luxury look you desire.

Building a horse barn on a budget seems like a great idea, but many folks have trouble finding horse barn kit builders that can build budget-friendly spaces without sacrificing quality. At New Holland Supply, we pride ourselves on providing affordable and quality horse barns to all of our clients.

We know that many of our customers keep horses as a beloved hobby, and they may want a barn that looks great but won’t break the bank. That is why in today’s article, we are going to discuss the many ways we have found to keep horse barns more cost-effective without sacrificing the essentials you need most.

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How to Build a Horse Barn on a Budget

New Holland Supply has been a premier horse barn materials supplier servicing Lancaster County and the country since 2003. If you are looking for ways to cut costs and get your horse barn up quickly, check out the rest of our article for our suggestions on how to build a horse barn on a budget.

  1. Keep It One Story— Another place where you can spend more money on your horse barn is by adding multiple stories. Though it can be nice to add extra floor space for storage or perhaps a personal room for yourself, it does add up quickly. If you want to build a horse barn on a budget, stick to keeping your horse barn just one story.
  2. Limit Number of Stalls — It can be easy when you are looking to create your horse barn to think that you need it to have a lot of extra horse stalls. However, adding a couple of horse stalls to get you started and then backtracking and adding more horse stalls later down the line has a lot of benefits. First, it means that you will get your horse barn more quickly and be able to start using it right away. Second, many horse owners overestimate the number of horse stalls they need and are left paying for horse stalls they don’t utilize. Start smaller with your horse stalls, especially if you only have a few horses, and when you are ready to expand, New Holland Supply will be there to add more stalls to your barn easily.
  3. Choose Cost-Effective Accessories — When building a horse barn for the first time, it can be hard to know what barn accessories will put you over budget more than others. We know that many of our Lancaster County clients want to have award looking horse barns that are cost-effective. For example, as beautiful as a stone veneer on the outside of your barn can be, it is one of the most expensive barn add-ons. Something that is a little cheaper like metal winging can look great, withstand inclement weather, and be better for your wallet. If you want something that is stylistic and practical, a cupola or weathervane on the top of your barn is a great way to outfit it and make it unique without spending too much. Another way to save money on cost-effective barn accessories is by installing fewer windows. Call us today at New Holland Supply or visit our website to view all the custom barn accessories we offer to our clients!
  4. Request Multiple Quotes from Your Barn Builder — One thing that sets us apart here at New Holland Supply is that we give all our clients multiple quotes on horse barns if they request them. That way, you can see several mockups of what your barn would cost, and see if certain add-ons, adding more horse stalls, or a two-story barn is within your budget or something you might have to cut out for the time being. It will also give you an idea of what those extras would cost if you would like to add more stalls, windows, or anything else to your barn in the future. Talk to one of our barn building experts today about getting you multiple quotes on building your barn on a budget.

New Holland Supply Advantage

At New Holland Supply, we also offer pole barn kits, custom doors, metal roofing, and different building customizations. Team is dedicated to providing customizable horse barns and pole kits from leading industry materials you can count on. Because we can specialize and craft every part of your barn kit, you can count on us for barn repairs, barn additions, and any additional add-ons.

If you are looking for barn kits that provide a wide selection of barn materials and supplies, you can’t beat New Holland Supply!

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As you can see, getting a horse barn quickly with your unique specifications, all while sticking to a reasonable budget, doesn’t have to be too challenging. By taking the above steps to lower your initial cost for a horse barn, you will get a barn that will meet your look and budget expectations in no time. We can give you multiple quotes so that you can choose what matters and what doesn’t for your new affordable horse barn. Call or contact us today to get started building a barn for your property!

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