How to Customize Your Horse Barn

As a horse owner, you no doubt have put a lot of thought and effort into making sure your horse or horses are comfortable and healthy. After all, they’re just like any other member of the family. For those who show their horse or include them in races, then the health of your horse is paramount. Keeping them protected during the harsher seasons can be difficult with just a standard barn. To ensure that your horse is receiving the maximum of comfort and safety, then you should consider some of the custom options that New Holland Supply can offer you.

From cupolas and weather vanes to snow guards, they have the equipment your horse barn needs to stand through the worst of the weather and look pretty great while doing it. Since 2003, New Holland Supply has been offering their customers quality work in regards to horse barns, a horse pole barn, garages, and other post-frame building needs. They have seen to the varying phases of construction and providing the construction materials to ensure that their customers are left with a top-quality barn or garage that matches their needs and dreams. Read on to see what they can offer you and your family–horse included!

Cupolas and Weathervanes

A popular architectural design of 8th century was a cupola. These dome-like structures were placed on barns and pole barns to bring an added flair to the overall structure. The cupolas allowed the structure to look taller than it actually was and looked appealing to the eye. Since then, many horse owners have decided to added cupolas to their horse pole barn to give it just an extra dose of aesthetic appeal. It can essentially take a dreary or mundane looking barn and transform it into something that looks high-class and expensive.

snow guard defenders

Particularly enjoyable is the addition of weathervanes atop the cupola. Not only does this add just a bit more height to the structure, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity for the barn owner to add just an additional staple of customization. Whether you have your own design of a weathervane placed atop the cupola or choose one of the traditional vanes out there, you can really make a statement.

Besides just looking great, cupolas actually serve a practical purpose for the barn as well. In areas where humidity can run rampant, a way around ensuring mold and mildew don’t grow within the bar is to add in ventilation. That’s exactly the sort of service that a cupola can provide. It airs out the humidity which allows not only your horses to breathe easier, but it also makes it safer for them to be in the barn with the reduction of mold and mildew growth.

Finally, cupolas also add in natural light. No matter what time of day it is, the natural light can filter into the barn. This can ease and calm your horses who might not necessarily be fond of electrical light used in the barn.

Heavy Duty Snow Guards

metal roof defender snow guards

While you might not think twice about snow melting off of the roof of your home, it’s actually a potential danger when it happens on

the roof of your barn. As the snow melts, ice and snow can slide down your roof and potentially seriously damage your property and injure a horse that may be standing beside the barn. To avoid this from happening, you can install New Holland Supply’s snow guards. These metal defenders effectively work to keep the snow on the roof and melt it there–only allowing small amounts of snow and ice to slide from the roof at a time. By so doing, they limit the damage that can occur as well as the potential for injury to your horse or workers.

Custom Horse Barn Hardware

Another service that New Holland Supply offers to you is exceptional care when it comes to hardware. Their pole barn kits are inspected with great consideration to ensure that everything you have ordered is inside. From roofing materials all the way to the finishing touches like latches and handles, New Holland Supply not only offers all that you would need to build your own pole barn, but they make sure that everything is there and is top-quality.

In addition, they have custom doors that can transform the entire aesthetic of your barn. Who wants to use the same doors as their neighbors? By having New Holland Supply design and build custom barn doors for you, not only will your barn look entirely unique, but they’ll be functional and affordable as well. In fact, New Holland Supply is devoted to offering affordable rates on their high-quality materials and custom-built products.

When considering a custom horse barn accessory, look no further than New Holland Supply. Contact us today to get started!

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