Horse Barn Styles that You’ll Love

You’ve been waiting for your own horse barn long enough – it’s time to make it happen!

But before you can break ground, you need some ideas for the type of horse barn styles you like – and the type of horse barn styles you don’t.

Whether you have a specific vision in mind or you’re just here to get the creative juices flowing, we’ve got the 4 best horse barn styles you’re sure to love!

4 Popular Types of Horse Barns

The ingredients for a horse barn are budget, size, style, and storage. Knowing where your priorities lie on that list can help determine which type of horse barn is your best match. Although there is an endless amount of horse barn styles, we’re breaking down the pros and cons of the 4 most popular sold at New Holland Supply.

Stop horsin’ around and find the best barn for your budget today!

Shed Row Barns

Some barns are too big, some barns are too small – but this barn is JUST right! Shed row barns are the type of horse barn landowners with humbly-sized lots tend to gravitate towards because of this barn’s small footprint. Shed row barns provide room for your horses that is “just enough” to house them comfortably while not leaving too much room for other features.  Their budget-friendly price tag and economical structure make this type of horse barn a great horse barn style for those just getting into horse riding. If you are looking for a small, simple, low-cost horse barn style, a shed row barn is what we recommend for you.


  • Most economical horse barn style
  • Takes up less room on your property
  • Perfect for 1-3 horses
  • Covered overhang makes for easy animal access


  • No dedicated indoor work area
  • Small space means less storage
shed row barn in lancaster pa

High Country Barn

Classic, timeless, spacious: The High Country barn is all that and more! If you’re one of the many people who love horses just as much as they love unique structures, this is the horse barn style for you. Built with two parallel rows of modular horse stalls, 2-3 horses can live very comfortably in this barn. The High Country barn is the type of horse barn that will have your friends green with envy, and your bank account green with savings!


  • Extra high pitch roof
  • Holds 2-3 horses comfortably
  • Small footprint with big storage space
  • Conservatively priced


  • Second story loft is often small in size
high country barn in lancasterp, pa

One-story Center Aisle Barn

These barns can be either large or medium-sized. The aisle is in the center and the stalls are on the outside, which means you can comfortably work and spend time with your horses during rainy days. One-story center aisle barns are the type of horse barns used by both professional stables and homeowners with lots of horses. Pair this with a rustic copper cupola or weathervane for a one-of-a-kind horse barn style.


  • Covered space at every angle
  • 2 rows of stalls
  • Extra area available for tack room or feed storage


  • More expensive all-in cost
  • Requires careful ventilation
large horse barn design

Two-Story Barn

Large barns make a lasting impression – and epitomize the rustic sense of style you love! Beyond their stylish exteriors, two-story horse barns pack a plethora of storage space and horse stall sizes. Big barns like these are the favorite of equine enthusiasts since their large size offers extra space that isn’t dedicated exclusively to stalls or hay storage. Safely protect your horses in a controlled environment on the first floor, and get creative for the use of the second! Some popular uses for the upper level include office space, observatory lookout, or storage.  For those who believe that bigger is better, a 2-story horse barn is the type of horse barn for you! A Monitor or Gambrel horse barn style are big-time barns for the serious horse lovers out there.


  • Great for businesses or horse owners with many horses
  • Ample room for second floor usage
  • Dozens of unique design features available


  • More space means a higher price tag
  • Getting permits may be difficult for a larger structure
big horse barn ideas

Finding Your Own Horse Barn Style with New Holland Supply

Whether you’re already set on the horse barn style you want, or you need a little more help deciding which type of horse barn is right for you, the professional team at New Holland Supply can provide the price estimates, construction details, and additional info you need.

Our Lancaster County-based business is known for providing the best value, the best quality, and the best prices for homeowners and contractors in the eastern United States. For over 15 years, New Holland Supply has been the most trustworthy name in the equine structure industry.

We’re chomping at the bit to help you get started on the horse barn of your dreams – so contact us today!

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