Horse Barn Accessories: What’s Trending?

You only get a horse barn once in your lifetime, it’s only right to splurge on the absolute best. Let’s be honest, no one wants to settle for “good enough” — especially when it comes to your dream horse barn! At New Holland Supply, we’re firm believers...

For most ranchers, hobby farmers, and equine enthusiasts, one of the most exciting parts of designing their horse barns is picking out the extras. Choosing the horse barn accessories allows you to show your personalized style and make the barn even more tailored to how you’ll use it.

At New Holland Supply, we build custom horse barns and offer a huge variety of barn add-ons to go with them. These extras include everything from the practical to the stylish. Keep reading to see our top 7 horse barn accessories — or reach out to our design team today to get a quote on your project.

7 Popular Horse Barn Add-Ons

We build your barn completely custom and tailored to your needs. These are some of the most popular barn add-ons we’ve built — see which ones catch your eye:

  1. Doors— The rustic style of classic barn doors is so popular right now that people are even putting them in their homes. Adding a gorgeous, custom-crafted door to your barn is one of the most popular accessories — and for good reason.
    See more of our custom barn door designs.
  2. Two-Tone Siding — A cupola or weathervane is the shining crown that tops your royal structure. Barn builders with an elegant eye tend to find comfort in incorporating a cupola or weathervane in their custom barn design. Serving both practically and aesthetically, both cupolas and weathervanes serve as a stunning solution to added ventilation in your dream horse barn. Shop your selection of weathervanes and cupolas for sale through New Holland Supply!
  3. Tack Rooms — One of the most practical barn options to add, a tack room provides you much-needed storage space along with your stalls. Whether you run a professional stable or just enjoy riding on your own, a tack room keeps your saddles and other necessities organized and always close at hand.
  4. Cupola — Another horse barn accessory that is symbolic of the classic rustic style, cupolas are some of the post popular aesthetic extras. These dome-like structures were once necessary on barns to provide light or ventilation, but today their primary purpose is style. You can pair your cupola with an iron weather vane to have two classic features in one.
  5. Rubber Stall Mat/Rubber Pavers — Your custom barn deserves to be beautiful, inside AND out – afterall, we are talking about your dream horse barn, not just any old horse barn! Create a grand entrance on every horse stall with the unique feature that is a European Stall Door. Heavy-duty and sophisticated are two words that have never gone well together, until now.
  6. Stone Facade — One of the ultimate style enhancements for luxury barns, adding a stone face to the barn front creates a one-of-a-kind, upscale look. This is one of the most popular — and most beautiful — horse barn accessories that we build. Home barns, professional stables, and even wedding venue barns have all picked and loved this extra option. Explore some of our favorite exterior styles and pole barn color schemes.
  7. Wash Stall — This add-on makes grooming your horses easy and convenient. A wash stall is a dedicated place in your barn for washing your horses. About the size of a regular stall and equipped with a water line, wash stalls make grooming multiple horses quicker and more convenient. Ready for some horse barn inspiration? See our project gallery. There popular horse barn add-ons are just the tip of the iceberg. Since we build all of our barns to order for our customers, we can add almost anything. So, if there is an accessory you’re interested in that you didn’t see here, all you need to do is ask!

Get Your Custom Horse Barn Quotes

If you’re planning your barn project right now, we’d like to be of service any way we can. Our horse barn designers have ample experience helping people just like you design the barn of their dreams, complete with all of the horse barn accessories they want.

If you’re ready to take the next step, then reach out for a free quote!

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