How to Build a Dream Horse Barn

You only get a horse barn once in your lifetime, it’s only right to splurge on the absolute best. Let’s be honest, no one wants to settle for “good enough” — especially when it comes to your dream horse barn! At New Holland Supply, we’re firm believers...

You only get a horse barn once in your lifetime, it’s only right to splurge on the absolute best. Let’s be honest, no one wants to settle for “good enough” — especially when it comes to your dream horse barn! At New Holland Supply, we’re firm believers that not only should you not settle for simply “good enough”, but you shouldn’t have to!

Keep reading to uncover 7 stunning custom barn options to take your average horse barn design to your dream horse barn design.

7 Traits of Upscale Custom Horse Barns

Standard horse barn design start with a few walls, some horse stalls, and a solid roof. But we’re not talking about standard horse barn design here. This blog is for the trend-setters, the go-getters, and the ones that aren’t afraid to think outside of the box – or should we say, outside the barn.

If you’re ready to take both the inside and the outside of your barn to an unsurpassed level, let’s dive right in. Here’s our list of 7 custom barn options that will make your structure worthy of the cover of dream horse barn magazine.

  1. Wood Siding Vinyl Metal Faux Stone — First impressions matter, no matter if that is your personal appearance or your barn’s. No dream horse barn is complete without a lavish exterior. That’s why the first thing on our list of custom barn design options is wooden siding vinyl paired with a metal faux stone. Just like in the photo, your dream horse barn can have the exquisite equine flair that all sophisticated horse lover desires. Finding the perfect color combination for your exterior is important, and something we’ll get into more later.
  2. Cupolas & Weathervanes — A cupola or weathervane is the shining crown that tops your royal structure. Barn builders with an elegant eye tend to find comfort in incorporating a cupola or weathervane in their custom barn design. Serving both practically and aesthetically, both cupolas and weathervanes serve as a stunning solution to added ventilation in your dream horse barn. Shop your selection of weathervanes and cupolas for sale through New Holland Supply!
  3. Lighting — A barn add-on that can offer style as well as practicality, adding lighting to your budget pole barn kit won’t increase the price too much but can make your space more usable and more attractive at the same time.
  4. Arch Top Window Beautiful Wooden Door — A beautiful, solid wood door is what sets the ordinary barns apart from the noticeably custom barns. Upgrading from a typical metal sliding door to an upscale handcrafted one is just one extra way to set your dream horse barn above the rest.
  5. European Stall Front Doors — Your custom barn deserves to be beautiful, inside AND out – afterall, we are talking about your dream horse barn, not just any old horse barn! Create a grand entrance on every horse stall with the unique feature that is a European Stall Door. Heavy-duty and sophisticated are two words that have never gone well together, until now.
  6. Dutch Door with Window — When you think custom barns, you think of Dutch doors – whether you know it or not! That’s right, those classic horse barn doors that are half-split and can swing open by the top or the bottom are a custom barn staple. While some custom door manufactures produce for quantity, we’re one of the few that produce for quality, and we’re right here in Lancaster, PA.
  7. Tack Room — Every horse owner knows, horses (and their supplies) take up quite a bit of room. With a high-end custom barn for your horses, adding a tack room keeps saddles and other riding gear organized in sophisticated style. This is a practical addition to completing your dream horse barn!
  8. Colors — What color do you envision your dream horse barn being? Perhaps a timeless red and white, or maybe it’s a modern blue hue. Dozens of siding colors and several roofing colors are available and pairing the two can be one of the most exciting parts of building a custom barn. Whatever shade suits your fancy, it can be done via the team at New Holland Supply!

Building Your Custom Barn with New Holland Supply

Not only can we customize barn options for you, but we LOVE customizing barn options for you. Your dream horse barn is one-of-a-kind and shouldn’t have to be conformed or compromised.

With New Holland Supply, we are confident that you’ll love the process and final product with our team. To get started, we are happy to provide all potential customers with free price information and our best material recommendations. Get in contact with our custom barn professionals today!

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