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What is the Best Foundation for a Pole Barn?

A pole barn is only as strong as its foundation. The method of setting posts in concrete directly in the ground is a technique that has been used for decades. Unfortunately, contractors have experienced the same wood rot caused by…

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Pole Barn Workshop Ideas

One of the most versatile structures on any homestead is the pole barn. Often used as a garage or storage shed, a pole barn can also be easily converted into a workshop. This is ideal for those who enjoy woodworking,…

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Pole Barn Garages vs. Stick-Built Garages: What is the Difference?

What is the Difference Between Pole Barn Garages and Stick-Built Garages? If you need to build a garage, there are two common methods which can be used: pole barn garages vs. stick-built garages. But first, what is the difference between…

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Upscale Garages For Storage & Style

            New Holland Supply: Your One-Stop Shop For All Things Pole Barn Garage When it comes to finding the best horse or pole barn materials, New Holland Supply is the company you can rely on….

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How to Build a Pole Barn Garage

    Popular Options with Your Custom Kit When you design your garage or horse barn kit with New Holland Supply, you have a full range of accessories and styles that create the aesthetic to match your tastes and your…

Two-bay metal garage kit built in Pennsylvania Financials

Steel Garages: The Smart Choice for Storage

  Get Your Steel Garage Kit Quote When you want to bring the convenience, quality, and affordability of steel garages to your property, our team is here ready to help. So, whether you want to store heavy equipment, vehicles, or…

European stall front with horse resting behind it Horses

Horse Stall Front Types: American vs European

  Shop Both Horse Stall Fronts At New Holland Supply, we sell both types of horse stall fronts. So, whether you want to buy a full barn kit that provides you everything you need – or you just need the…

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5 Top Garage Remodeling Options

        Building New is Always an Option Upgrading, improving, and fixing up your garage is a great way to ensure you can rely on it for decades to come. However, in some select cases, a detached garage…

Black Metal Roof on Pennsylvania Barn Financials

Solutions for Snow Falling off a Metal Roof

During winter snowfall, sloped metal roofs (the type often installed on barns and garages) typically accumulate a fair amount of snow. While these ultra-durable metal roofs aren’t much of a risk to leak, the accumulation is a risk for sheets…

Luxury pole barn kit exterior with red metal roof Financials

Average Horse Barn Kit Prices & Dimensions

        Custom Touches & Options While these horse barn kit price estimates are a good ballpark figure and a good place to get started, factoring in custom features will impact the price, too. When designing your kit…